Resin Oasis

Luna's BJD World

My Dolls:

Lydia - Dream of Doll DOC Bee-A [old body]
Xander - CP/Fairyland Cutie Delf Mary [elf mod]
Douban - LatiDoll Blue Despina-Ryu (Rucas) [Tanning/Body Type A: Muscular]
Phoenix - CP/Fairyland MNF Shiwoo Elf Hybrid [Soulkid old girl body]
Touren - Dream of Doll DOC Tender Too [old body]
Yagi - Volks Customize Figure [Figure Base Girl + open eyed head/white pixie-cut hair + cat ears mod]

Planned Dolls:

Wishing for...

*Umiko* ((Fairyland MNF A-Line Mirwen)) - Saving

*Ani* ((DOD DOB Berry Girl))

*Katja and Lexi* ((Fairyland MNF A-Line Lishe x2))

*Tara* ((Rosette Pure Violet))

*Mari* ((Fairyland MNF A-Line Seorin Girl))

*Zahara* ((DOD DOB Libra))

*Kiri* ((Unoa Sist))

*Ouji and Ame* ((Unoa B-El x2))

*Jikai* ((Blue Fairy TF Louis Girl))

*Kairina and Nari [QKR 2.0]* ((Resinsoul Bei x2 White and Grey))

Guest Appearances:

Suya - CP/Fairyland MNF Chiwoo [owned by rosewarrior17]
Claudia - Dream of Doll DOC Tender Zen girl [owned by madelade]
The Horde - {{many types}} [owned by alchmicaladagio, her sister, and their mom]