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Throwbacks don't need a Thursday...

::rises from the dead, clears away cobwebs::


So I decided to get off my butt and start this massively huge project of re-posting all my old photostories here. In manga format. Yes, really. So here's one from waaaay back in the day. when I only had Lydia. For your viewing pleasure, please enjoy:

Photostory #1: Lydia Visits the Other DollsCollapse )

So yeah, my dolls and I are still here...

As you might have figured out, resinoasis.net is defunct as a website. I didn't have the money/time to keep up with it really. Marriage has a way of taking over your life. Anyway, I'm still sort of doing doll stuff, just not as much. Lydia has a NEW new faceup, and I need to finally re-do Xander's faceup as well. Douban has sad eyebrow damage that needs to be repaired, and EVERYONE deserves new outfits, especially the boys.

So, I'm thinking about archiving all my old photostories here, including the Lydia/Suya romance saga that is still as of yet unnamed. PLUS we are long overdue for some new stories. I'll see what I can do, though I'm not trying to promise anything. But just know that I'm trying to be semi-active in the doll community again. I love my resinkids as much as I always have. ^___^

So, for your viewing pleasure, here's a pic of Lydia's somewhat recent makeover:

That's all for now, my lovelies...perhaps you will see something new from me in the future...

Finally! A long-awaited RO update

Hey all,

Just letting you guys know that I finally got around to updating Resin Oasis for the first time in...almost a year? ^^;; Sorry, I've been really busy with school and all that, but now that I'm done I can have more time to devote to my hobbies (hopefully). Anyways, Touren's profile is up there, along with 4 new photoshoots...some of which have not been previously posted anywhere else! *__* Hope you all enjoy the updates and I will try to work on some new stuff to put up...The shop is in dire need of a facelift/new items/a working order form ^^;;;

And now, my lovelies, I am off to bed...ZzzzzZZzzzzzzz

Lydia's NEW(!) faceup

OMG I was so nervous about redoing Lydia's faceup, but she was long overdue for one. I'm rather pleased with the way it turned out, even if it is strikingly different from the way it was before. She is so ubergoth now, lol! But hey, I think it works for her. Anyway...on with the pics!


Yup, I gave in and bought Touren from my friend Sakuya at Anime Festival Orlando this year. ^__^;;; So now I have yet another doll...b-but--LOOK HOW GORGEOUS HE IS!!!

more under the cutCollapse )

He'll be added to the official Resin Oasis site soon, but for now I'm off to put up his profile on the info page of this LJ. (tra la la la la...)

Lydia + Suya Fanart <3

I was doodling at work and came up with this:

Kawaii desune? <333

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So...now that Suya has gone back home, Lydia's been talking about babies. (Oh dear...) Thank God she hasn't said anything about being pregnant...yet.

Needless to say, my friend madelade and I were speculating about what their child would look like and she came up with this...

Can you say ADORABLE?? She's already got a name too: Zahara Hatoko Covellone-Yueh. (craaaaaap...)

IF I get a new doll in the near future though, it'll probably not be Zahara, but Laurel--Xander and Phoenix's adopted lil sis--they found her as an abandoned baby...more of that story to come later. Lookit how preeetty (and limited--yikes!)

Wings!! Squeeee...

It's all speculation at this point, but my wallet cries anyway...

Intro Post!!

Okay so this is my new dollie journal 'kay...

I just figured I needed to start fresh since I have a small bjd collective now and the name "_scheherazade__" no longer applies. Most likely I'll continue to post site updates here as well as  commission samples and whatnot. Maybe some memes and stuff like that too. Also, every post after this one will be Friends Only, so add me soon if  you want to keep updated!

Not much else to say...I'll work on some new icons and graphics for the layout soon. ^___^ <3